Hollow PC Sheet For Arch Radius Construction


Arch Radius Construction
Nature's panel is sufficiently flexible to allow vertically positioned panels to conform
to arched construction. However, when installing 8mm hollow pc sheet, it is not
recommended that panels be affixed to curved surfaces where the curve radius is less
than 55 inches. Affixing the panel to tighter radii surfaces may result in local stress
crazing and deterioration over time.

Sealing and Bonding
Only compatible silicone sealants should be used with Nature's panels if required.
Silicone sealants are not typically needed when installing ThermaGlas panels.
However, if there is a need to seal odd cuts or gaps approved silicone sealants can be
used to seal these gaps.
Sealing is recommended with Nature PC H conecter and Tonon Specials profile.Place a bead of sealant between the inserted panel
and the profile.This will prevent moisture and dirt to accumulate between the profile and panel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many typical greenhouse shading compounds are aggressive
to polycarbonate.

WARNING: Shading materials containing vinyl binders or organic
solvents are aggressive to Nature's panel and should be avoided.
Contact the manufacturer of the shade compound you wish to use and gain their