Clean And Care For Hollow PC Sheet


Clean and Care
General Cleaning
Cleaning of Tnon panels is important to yield long-term results and maintain
sufficient light transmission of panels. Self-cleaning by rain is usually sufficient. If
required, use diluted mild household detergents for additional cleaning. Make sure
the detergent contains no abrasives or solvents. Pre-wash with warm water, then wash
area to be cleaned with a soft sponge or brush, preferably with hot water, until clean.
Rinse with water and dry with a soft non abrasive cloth.
Heavy Oils or Tar Stains
Heavy oil or tar stains can be removed with an ethyl alcohol watery solution. Rub
the area gently with a soft rag. Follow with general cleaning as stated above, rinsing
thoroughly with water before drying.
Cleaning Large Areas
Large areas may be professionally washed with a high-pressure water jet, possibly
adding a mild compatible detergent, and/or stream jet. Avoid allowing the spray tip to
come too close to the panel. Pressure washers often have enough pressure at the spray
tip to penetrate or tear the panel.
Avoid cleaning the panel when dry, as the sand and dust particles cling to the exterior
of the panel and may scratch the surface (minor surface scratches will not damage the
panel, the scratches will simply reduce optical clarity).
Avoid repeated sliding of sheets over each other, even when protected by the
protective film. This action generates an electrostatic charge in the sheet, attracting
dirt and dust and hindering cleaning.
See section in this booklet titled “Chemical Compatibility” for other important